Hook N Shoot 2007 Women's Grand Prix (DVD)

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Описание: This is a factory DVD rip of the HookNShoot 2007 Women's Grand Prix. The event was co-promoted with bodogFIGHT, who was showcasing a lot of the top female talent in MMA at the time, namely Tara LaRosa. This is considered to be one of the most exciting one-night tournaments of the modern era of MMA and is regarded by many as the best one-night tournament in women's MMA history.
Amazon Product Description: "Follow 8 woman on their quest to attain the most coveted prive in Mixed Martial Arts: The Hook N Shoot Woman's World Grand Prix Championship!!! The old saying '8 will enter, but only 1 leaves' rings true. One-by-one each woman will fall until the 'Queen of the Ring' is crowned. The champion will run the guantlet and fight 3 times in a single night to earn accolades that will last a lifetime. Since 2001, Hook N Shoot has been the place for women to showcase their fighting skills and show the world why they're the elite commodity in ultimate fighting".
Kaitlin Young vs. Suzy Smith
Jan Finney vs. Meisha Tate
Jen Babcock vs. Nicdali Calanoc
Patti Lee vs. Jordan Sprague
SUPERFIGHT: Tara LaRosa vs. Cody Welchin
BONUS FEATURES: Pre-fight features, behind the scenes Interviews, etc.
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спасибо! Рома, ты бы тогда и слово : Описание на забугорном языке написал, это же БОЕВОЙ ТРЕКЕР РОССИИ)))
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